In 2016, Taramia added becoming a United States Pony Club Riding Center to it's list of accolades.  Prior to 2016, Taramia riders were part of Cohutta Highlanders PC.   Pony Club is like Scouts for horses in that the kids are tested and become certified in their level of riding.  PC differs itself from regular shows & lessons as it has Horse Management as its backbone which is the knowledge of horses. Pony Club also has Rallies, which are Team Based competition and are 'hand off', meaning Mom's and Coaches stay away from the Barns. Kids must be independent, but are carefully supervised by Horse Management judges.   Pony Club is a Club, so you pay annual dues, and we have monthly meetings to prepare for what's next on the calendar. 

Pony Club Rallies play Quiz, Show Jumping, Dressage, Games & Eventing.  The winners from those Rallies are then invited to East Coast Championships.  Every 3rd year, Pony Club hosts Festival, which is much like an Education Convention for the kids.  2016 is a Festival Year, and all this will take place in Lexington, KY.   

Taramia Riding School